Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Sun City, CA
Lender: Citimortgage
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My experience with NACA came about in Jan 2016 when my brother told me about the program.  I went to the workshop in January and then the intake meeting soon after.  It’s a lot of work and a lot of commitment, but for anyone who thinks this program is too good to be true, I just have to say be persistent and the NACA people will come through with their promise of homeownership with an interest rate that will save you thousands of dollars!! It took us a total of about seven months from the first workshop until the closing and move into our beautiful lakeside home at a rate of 1.125%.  We were able to save more than $500 a month then any other rates advertised.  Thank you Virgil, Cameron, Lilly, and the rest of the NACA team for making homeownership a reality again!