Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Jonesboro, GA
Lender: Bank of America
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May , 2014 existing in a two bedroom and one bathroom apartment in a Senior Citizen High-rise., I attended a NACA workshop. That day I made the decision to believe in a program that sounded to good to be true. NACA presented to me a no required down payment ,no closing cost, no PMI, 30 or 15 year below market interest rate program. By doing everything NACA requested, I was approved for my dream to come true for a new home in July, 2014. The builder completed the home in October, 2014 and NACA provided me with a brand new 4 bedroom 4 toilets home with principal , interest, insurance and property taxes less than my monthly rent in my one toilet two bedroom senior citizen apartment. My interest rate is less than 1 percent , thirty year fixed .Plus I am a member of a committed group of people who truly believes in improving the quality of life of those of us not possessing wealth. Thanks NACA for your vision, mission, and actions.