Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Howell, MI
Lender: Citimortgage
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When I had initially started the purchase process with NACA, I was a 50 years old
disabled man on SSD with a credit report my ex-wife destroyed a few years earlier. Therefore, I had a foreclosed home and a car repossession showing on my credit
report. NACA let me explain how and why this happened, then NACA only looked at my personal credit history. It was then approved with all that!   Amazing!

I then started my search for a home in my area. Mostly, I was looking for BOA foreclosed
home, to take advantage of the 10 free points from BOA. that is only available to a NACA member. I found one home for $110k, but needed majors repairs from a furnace that failed, all pluming was frozen and flooded all floors in home.  I then purchased home, then did all necessary repairs, drywall, all flooring, furnace, water heater and paint. Then had enough to install a brand new kitchen, and brand new appliances all in my mortgage

The total loan was $136k, the mortgage monthly payment is $672, including taxes, insurance, the interest rate is 1.3%.  I have been here 3 years now and the home value
is $190k. Happy is a under statement! This was all with NACA thru Ohio and Texas  a
Michigan resident. NACA was not open yet in Michigan. I highly recommend this to everyone I can, I will show you the proof  if needed. I wont brag on the balance now.