Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Bronx, NY
Lender: Citimortgage
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  • APR
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  • Closed
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I would first like to say thank you NACA for this life changing opportunity we were given, we can’t thank you enough. This letter is to tell you that this is REAL and it’s POSSIBLE.  It all started with a little curiosity. My fiancé and I, a young under 25 couple never thought this would actually happen so soon.  We have a former friend who had bought her first house thanks to NACA and she told us nothing but wonderful things which led us to the website and signing up for the work-shop. Let me start off by saying WOW! We were very impressed and most importantly inspired and motivated to start this journey in our life and before you knew it we were already chatting with our counselor within the next month. A few documents here and there and we were already looking at houses within 5 months. Everyone in the office was so helpful, everything is so organized and you feel welcomed the whole time. Till this day I still feel comfortable knowing if I ever have a question and I can always call my counselor and she will receive us with open arms. To anyone whose dream has always been to be a home-owner, NACA is the ONE.  Once again thank you to all the NACA staff who helped us out in this journey.  Karen A & Family