Garcia-Escobar – Triple Size

Garcia-Escobar – Triple Size

Before we learned about NACA we were completely stuck. We had tried multiple ways of getting a loan approved for a home of our own, but because of our bad credit history, which resulted from a previous divorce and job loss, no one “trusted” us with a mortgage loan. That did not stop us from dreaming and praying that one day we would have a house of our own.

We thought to ourselves, how could banks not trust us? We paid our bills on time, and we never fell behind on our rent! We knew that if we could afford to pay our rent on time, we could afford a mortgage.

One day, we saw a very short news report about the NACA program. We researched the program and we knew that this was our way out! Immediately, we signed up and went to the introductory session. We began the process by speaking to a counselor. The counselor looked at our history and advised us on what to do to improve. We followed all of the advice given to us and provided every single piece of document requested of us. It took us a while, but we got there.

NACA helped us not only get approved for a loan, but also stuck with us through the entire process until we closed on our house. That’s not all, because of NACA, we were able to get a very low interest rate of 2.5%, even with our “bad credit history”.  This gave us the opportunity to afford a house in the neighborhood that WE wanted. We are very, very happy, and we thank God for NACA and for Bruce Marks!

Thank you NACA!

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