Term: 15 Yr Fixed
Baton rouge, LA
Lender: Bank of America
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Ever since I was young, I never knew where I would be in life as an adult. The world seemed so open to possibilities, I felt that planning my future too far out would put me in a mindset that would take away some of those possibilities. Even throughout high school, I had no idea if I was going to college. Then, when I actually went to college, I had no idea where I would be when I finished. After meeting my future wife and landing my first full-time job, I decided it was time to look for more permanent accommodations to match the rest of the permanent fixtures in my life. Once I had finished paying off my student loans, I began to look for a means to finance my future home. I remember reading a story in October 2014 about a product called the “Wealth Building Home Loan”, and thought that it sounded too good to be true. I read that NACA was the only entity supporting the idea at the time, so I decided to attend a workshop. Again, the details of the loan seemed too good to be true, but as the orator continued to explain, it made sense: if you have your financial house in order, there is no reason you should not own a home. Banks acquire money to lend for less than one percent, yet charge over 3.5% in order to lend it to someone to buy or build a home. Just because this rate is lower than it has ever been does not mean that it is a deal, especially when 3.5% APR can add an additional 50% of the cost of the home in interest alone! I am thankful for everything the organization has done for me. Marsha Evans was outstanding in her performance, especially at the end, and I would do the whole process over again in a heartbeat. I brag to all of my friends and family that I own a home and pay a mortgage that would make anyone jealous (0.625%). In fact, my home has already appreciated to a value that exceeds the total amount I will pay on the home over 15 years, including the interest. I recommend NACA to any of my friends who are considering buying a home, and I have personally walked friends through the process for them to find the home of their dreams. My wife and I have friends and family over often, even celebrating my wife’s birthday in our backyard last month. We have friends that come in from out of town and stay the night. Now, I am taking an active role on the HOA as the treasurer and further investing my time in our community. I sit on my back porch with my wife every morning before work as we drink our coffee. None of this would be possible without Marsha Evans. None of this would be possible without NACA.