Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Concord, NC
Lender: Bank of America
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My heartfelt thanks goes to NACA and the awesome management and staff at the Charlotte NC office for helping me become a homeowner of a beautiful single family home with 3bed rooms, 2 full bath and so many other amenities other homes only dream of.
I attended the NACA workshop on the 13th of August. This date would have been a day after the closing date for a home I had qualified for using FHA loan. The home was the same price as my current home through NACA but I was to come up with over $12,000 in closing cost, down payment, loan processing fee etc, and at a 4.5% interest rate thereby giving me a monthly payment of $740 per month, but I thank God for heard about NACA and canceled the transaction to buy that home using FHA loan. I lost about $1300 in the process but compared to the NACA home, the loss was worth it.
On Oct. 13 2015 I went in for my appointment with NACA counselor and qualified for NACA home loan the same day as I had brought in all the NACA required documents and had come to the office to have NACA staff scan my documents to my file. On the 22nd of October 2015, I was in the buyer’s class with NACA realtor. By the end of October, I had picked my home and NACA started processing the loan and other things. On the 22nd of December 2015 I closed on the home and received the keys to the home. I have since moved in with my Family and at a 2.125% interest rate, less than $4000 out of pocket cost with a monthly mortgage of approximately $527; far lower that even my rent in the 2 bedroom apartment prior to owning my home.
Thank you NACA.