Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Las vegas, NV
Lender: Bank of America
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  • APR
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  • Closed
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  • Down Payment
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We closed on the perfect home! There was no down payment. No closing costs. No PMI and our rate was below the current market at the time. Without NACA, we would not be homeowners again. The work we  put into qualifying was eye opening and we learned a great deal about budgeting and watching where our money goes.  It was hard work and worth every minute for the outcome and what we learned along the way.  Thanks NACA …Steve & Donna S. I would also like to add my single mom, disable daughter in Buffalo, NY has the perfect home to raise our grand-daughter! Her little home is absolutely beautiful and perfect for the two of them.  I love seeing them play in the back yard and know that they’re secure and safe.  I’m grateful to NACA for this as well.  And Sara has became quite the gardener and enjoys having a back yard….it’s a beautiful thing that would never have happened without NACA.   Steve & Donna S.