Term: 30 Yr Fixed
East orange, NJ
Lender: Citimortgage
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Dear Mr. Bruce Marks,
My name is Rosalie Stacker (NACA # 1402699), I am writing this letter to you to express my most sincerest gratitude to you for this home buying program and to the Newark, NJ NACA staff for giving me the opportunity to work them and showing that it was possible for me to purchase my first home.  As a first time homeowner it has been a great learning experience for both me and my family and I wanted to tell you my story and I came to know NACA even existed.
In 2009 while at work I saw one of my former co-workers and as we were talking about different things like how we were working and how our rent was. Then all of a sudden she mention to me how she had started the process of purchasing her first home a program NACA.
I asked her was it like a government program (ie HUD &FHA) where you have to have a ridiculous amount money in the bank to put down on a house & your credit score had to be almost perfect.  She said “NO, absolutely not its very easy just look it up and go to a workshop and you will see for yourself I promise you will see”.  I started thinking and I was really intrigued because here I am a struggling single mother of 2, working two jobs and rent was steadily climbing & killing me.  So I immediately ask her for all the information she could give me and the name of the program so I can do some research.  She was more than happy top give it to me and she said, “you will see”.
It’s called NACA and at that moment I figured that I would give it try and see where this would take me, what did I have to loose.  I went to my first workshop in Newark and it was a great & wonderful experience.  I was so confused as to why had no one told me about this before?  And after seeing the long history of NACA and all the many great testimonials I asked myself why aren’t more people doing this?
I was very nervous because I thought I didn’t even have a chance to get qualified but with the help and the encouragement of the NACA staff they helped me make it possible.  After many LONG appointments & phone calls and encouraging words from everyone at the Newark office I finally did get qualified to start looking for a home in 2015. (yes 6 years later, that another story).
After searching for several months I had finally found my new home and I couldn’t be more happier it is because of NACA.  My real estate agent Andre Goodson who was referred to me by NACA was the final piece to my success story.  Mr. Goodson to me is the best real estate agent in the business.  He held my hand and not once did he tell me that my dream was not possible and for that I thank him.
I appreciate that NACA took a chance with me and I always tell anyone that asked me, how did you do it?  I tell them don’t give up NACA is a GREAT place to start when you want to buy your first home.
Thank you again NACA and Mr. Marks for putting all your hard work to make this dream possible for people like me & I hope that one day I can inspire someone else and show them their dream is possible too.
Sincerely yours
Rosalie Stacker