Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Buffalo, NY
Lender: Citimortgage
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  • Closed
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I am completely satisfied with NACA!!  Although the process was very tedious, many days I wanted to  just say NEVERMIND I’M DONE WITH THE PROGRAM (LOL). What I didn’t realize is that NACA was working in  my best interest! The process for me was fairly smooth, I worked with a great Counselor (Michael Gompah) who was VERY patient with me. He took his time to explain  and walk me through the process  to gain a better understanding of what was going on and why, because I asked a TON of questions!  As a first time homebuyer, some of the language used was confusing and I was trying to make sure I got exactly what I wanted and needed from the process.
Starting out I had to do the “commitment savings” because my landlord was a relative of mines and according to NACA I had to prove that I could save up a certain dollar amount for 6 months. I was upset because of that but later, it all worked in my favor. Not only did I have the necessary funds for down payment, inspections, and my deposit but I proved to myself that I could do it and go from renting to paying a mortgage!!   I cut down on my spending(drastically) and provided the necessary documents EVERY SINGLE TIME HE ASKED. I made sure I keep my documents in order, and dated so that they were easily accessible when Michael requested them. I made it easy for MYSELF by doing that, which is where some frustrating can come in, I just wanted the process over quickly so I was very, very organized.
Being a U.S. Veteran, I could have used my veterans home loan benefit but my credit needed to be repaired so my interest rate was VERY high. I was told by the bank to repair my credit and comeback in a year. Through NACA, I was well on my way to closing on my home in the same time that the bank told me to “come back for review”. I started the NACA program around March of 2015, I waited out my 6 months while saving my money and submitting documents until the end of Sept. By the first week in October I was “APPROVED” for a mortgage, and I closed Feb 2016.
I appreciate NACA now more than ever, just knowing what I know about the home buying process because they helped prepare me for it. Being in the program, I got a low interest rate, my mortgage is affordable, my down payment & closing costs were so minimal and I now live in my beautiful dream home!!
Thank you NACA!!!!!!!