Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Denver, CO
Lender: Citimortgage
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My name is Jose Francisco Bustamante Sanchez my wife and I cant put in to words how happy we are with our home and we can not thank enough the NACA organization for all the help we got to achieve our dream of been home owners. we have our closing around 6/27/14 but we started our journey about a year before around 2013 we were not ready then but with the help of Isela Padilla local NACA mortgage consultant she was very helpful and help us a lot to get ready and get the home we wanted. our journey was not easy we needed to have a payment shock also the home we got was a HUD home the home needed repairs we had to do 3 extensions in order to close our loan. but with the help of realtor Jorge Sanez-Rico we achieve our goal. no down payment no closing cost, $850 a month with a 2.72% interest rate. thank you NACA you guys rock!