Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Richmond, TX
Lender: Bank of America
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Our NACA Adventure
We were looking for a program to help buy a home… My fiancé next door neighbor referred us to NACA. We begin our May 20th 2015 by attending the orientation workshop.  There was so much information covered and we left feeling encouraged and motivated to do what it would take to buy our first home. We went home and read the workshop talking about what all we need to do and giving ourselves a goal.  Our first meeting came June 26th the next month. He gave us all the information he needed to process our information…. It was a lot lol …. But we did our homework and prepared for this amazing Journey … Our fingers her from all of the letters we had to type and information we had to research… We got a little nervous when we had to be issued a new counselor but it was cool… My fiancé works a hectic schedule we had to plan accordingly….  Our new counselor assigned to us was Austin he was great and worked with us… He even stayed one late night missing the huge lottery to make sure we had all of the letters together for submission…. Once our information was submitted … It was a little ruff because the bank asks for so much information to process…. Austin was firm knowledgeable and ready for business….It seemed as if we worried the mess out of him from emails to phone calls to meeting … He took it all in stride and was just as eager to help. Once we pre-approved by the bank he referred us to a great realtor Johnna Johnson…. She was a great referral. It didn’t take us long before we found our dream home …. Place an offer to  the sellers and they accepted and the closing process began.
It took us exactly 8 months from the start of my journey We closed on my dream home!  Not only are we  first time homeowner  with a 2.5% FIXED interest rate for 30 years!  Austin  was right, not only did I find my dream home I was able to buy it at an awesome rate.
The things I learned during my NACA experience have been amazing I don’t remember the last time I encountering a company that goes the extra mile but NACA definitely did…  We have recommended NACA to everyone I know and I have spoken about my great experience in public.  Thank you NACA for all that you do!