Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Goose Creek, SC
Lender: Bank of America
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  • APR
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  • Property Type
  • Closed
  • Buy-Down
  • Down Payment
  • Closing Cost

I started here at NACA with no hope.  I was on a job for years that was not paying me much to start saving for purchasing a home.  OJ was my counselor and went through all the numbers with my debts and poor pay check; but he never told me that me being a homeowner would never happen.  i had a lot of spending issues; shopping issues and needed a lot of discipline with spending money that I really did not need to be spending.  OJ gave me hope cause he kept working with me and told me that I needed to find a way to save money even if it meant I had to look for another job or get a second job.  There was no gray area with OJ.  he never told me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to do to become a homeowner.