Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Jacksonville, FL
Lender: Bank of America
  • Mortgage Amount
  • APR
  • Mortgage Payment
  • Property Type
  • Closed
  • Buy-Down
  • Down Payment
  • Closing Cost

When I first heard of NACA and all the things they do, my initial thought was “this is too good to be true”.  I thought it was just another home owner scam.  Although hesitate, I attended the next workshop scheduled.  At the workshop I learned many awesome things about NACA, however, I also learned that I did not qualify for NACA because at that time I owned a home.  This discouraged me.  However, I felt that the benefits from NACA was much more to me if I sold my 2 bedroom home. So I prepared to put my home on the market.  In the meantime, I made an appointment with the NACA loan officer, Rocky, to begin the process.  I began gathering and uploading all the documents requested.  I sold my home on June 12. I was now qualified for NACA. I received  my approval letter four weeks later and put contract for a home to be built on July 13, 2015. I was very determined, therefore, I answered every email, made every appoint, completed my volunteer hours, responded to every request and provided every document needed. Because I was building a home, the builder agreed to give me 6% towards my closing cost. Since NACA does not have closing cost, the 6% was used to buy down my interest rate.  This lowered my interest to 1.85%.  However, I wanted to lower my rate even more, so I put in $1,000 of my own money to lower the rate to 1.75%. I am now in my new home enjoying with all the benefits of NACA.  I tell everybody about NACA.  I even gave my testimony at my recent family reunion in hopes of helping someone who wants to buy a home.