Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Baton rouge, LA
Lender: Bank of America
  • Mortgage Amount
  • APR
  • Mortgage Payment
  • Property Type
  • Closed
  • Buy-Down
  • Down Payment
  • Closing Cost

I Bobbie Jean Kirk is very thankful for NACA for all the help and love you guys brought along with my new beautiful home. I always had dreams of owning my home and with the support of NACA that became possible. I’m so proud to say that I own my home. I’m able to start a garden and have fresh vegetables for my family to eat. It’s a blessing. I love how considered and understanding NACA was of my dreams. To finally have my home, I feel as though all things are possible. I can’t say anything bad at all about the program, from the beginning to the end and still now. So to anyone trying to get a how loan or just need some questions answered, it’s the best place to start. Where there’s family like NACA; thanks and much love.