Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Fultondale, AL
Lender: Bank of America
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​In December 2014, while visiting with family members; a niece started talking about NACA. ​I became interested in the discussion and decided to seek more information. I searched the web and learned that there was an upcoming workshop scheduled for an area near me. I attended the workshop in January.  During February, I attended my first counseling session. The NACA representative worked closely with me explaining in detailed what items I needed to qualify. I followed the advise of my counsel; obtaining all documentation needed to clarify potential discrepancies. I prepared many letters of explanations (LOE). I met frequently with the counsel..I closed on a new construction home in June 2015! NACA afforded me the opportunity to get out of a $1500 a month lease. My monthly mortgage is $773.00!! What a difference!. I would gladly recommend NACA to all my friends and family.