Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Nashville, TN
Lender: Bank of America
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This process began for me, Jan 2015. I waited to go to the workshop in May. Drove to Alabama and my NACA experience began. The outline of procedure is very complete and clear.  I can assure is the Dedication the NACA employees have in getting you PREPARED TO CLOSE! Brenda Eggleston and Andrea Earle were fantastic. We started off a little awkward but once I got out of my way and began to walk along with the NACA process, Everything fell into place. If I had did that at the beginning I probably would have closed much earlier earlier. 🙂
My most memorable Blessing was receiving money back from Closing! This enabled me to enjoy sooooo much more of my home and truly be grateful for the long process I endured. It was greatly worth it. ( Did not feel like it while going through everything.) 🙂
Sincerely and Humbled,
Andrew Elmore Jackson III