Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Miami, FL
Lender: Citimortgage
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My family and I heard first about NACA through our Conversational English class teacher within a year of arriving to the US. After her input on the Home Save program and her experience, my husband and I decided to attend one of their workshop events in Miami in order to receive information on how the Home Purchase program works and what all the necessary steps for qualification were.  There, we received a package with a brochure/booklet in our native language which made us understand even better on all of the requirements of this long process that it is to purchase a home through NACA.
Because of our particular economic situation, having recently arrived to the country, and not having a credit record, NACA counseled us remotely (over the phone) every 2-3 months on how to manage our existing checking, savings and credit accounts, as well as how to build up a good credit record through making on time bill and rent payments as a start. We were also instructed and educated in regards to manage our finances by watching out closely our expenses and savings.
It took us around 1 year and half to finally qualify, and around another 6 months to find a realtor willing to work with NACA, find the house within the approved budget, and to finally become homeowners.
NACA’s Home Purchase program is a very good opportunity for individuals or families in need of their 1st time home with little or no resources, as it offers no closing costs, no down payments and very good mortgage interest options.
It is not a program for everyone though. It requires lots of patience, not only because depending on each particular case it may take one person more than the other to qualify and become a homeowner, but because it requires a great focus on following up with all of the documentation one is required to submit on a monthly basis. You find along the path great helpful people in NACA, whether remotely or in the local office, that go above and beyond to explain and clarify all doubts or steps to follow. There are however some people that are quite the opposite and that sometimes don’t respect or comprehend the sacrifices and hard work done to get that far, and by not following up promptly and professionally on one’s case they may end up throwing down the rail the opportunity that is given by NACA.
Bottom line my family and I are really happy now that we have finally purchased our home. We thank NACA for the opportunity and we hope it will continue to support us in the future!