Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Fairfield, CA
Lender: Citimortgage
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  • Closed
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What is NACA ? My husband and I were as skeptical as you are but it was worth the journey. It took us about a total of 6 months. If you are persistent, so are they. They want you in your dream home, the one you never thought you would have. We attended the workshop and followed the step by step program. We kept a file with all of our NACA documents and stayed on top of all of our appointments. Whatever phone calls needed to made, whatever files needed to located, what documents they needed, we completed. When they say “it depends on you” they really mean it. This isn’t a program that holds your hand. You have to be involved. After we met with out counselor and he told us what to do and the pre-approval came in, the home shopping started. After about a month or so we found the home of our dreams. After that, it’s was real, inspections, home owners insurances, shopping for home warranties, it was all surreal. In 30 days, we had our keys to our first home ever !!!!! This program gave us and our children opportunities that we didn’t have as kids. We are truly thankful and grateful and blessed beyond words. Thank you NACA.