Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Douglasville, GA
Lender: Bank of America
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  • Closed
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Allow me to say, that I truly value the support and education that I have received from NACA in the whole home buying experience.
I attended the workshop to obtain a better understand of the process.  I knew coming into the program, that I had to take notes and ask lots of questions.  I did my research, so I did not have any unrealistic expectations of the process – I read the entire NACA booklet that I received from the workshop.  I asked questions and asked again, to make sure I knew what hidden things I may not be aware of.   I followed up on my responses and requests. I fully educated myself on payment shock, and what was on my credit report – I pulled one myself so there would be no surprises on the reports.  Determination had me roll up my sleeves and find the keys to my own success with the help of my Counselor.  I could see right away that everyone was extremely busy, so I found a way to volunteer right in my local office.  If someone has something you want – (a home), then you do what you have to do and don’t give up; just because you may have to write a few letters or find paperwork that you no longer have or re-fax something over again.  I could see first-hand the challenges and expectations from other callers.  I kept copies of everything, and I had no trouble re-faxing information as needed.  I remained patient and reminded myself that this was “my blessing”, and I would stay humble and dedicated through the entire process.  I treated the steps to homeownership like  I was looking for a job – [committed and determined and dependable}.
My counselor was informed, committed to his clients. He helped me every step of the way.  Sometimes, I may not have gotten a reply back right away, but leaving detailed messages and email were paramount versus just saying “call me”.  It took me just a few short months to get my task list I got from my counselor completed.  Always be prepared and organized when coming to your appointments.  I used colored file folders and keep everything in order e.g. (3) months bank statements.  Every month that went by, I would get another bank statement, keep current documents.
Afterwards, my file got submitted to underwriting.  It took 4 business days for my response.  Be prepared to wait if need be.  When I got my approval letter from underwriting on the loan amount –  next phase started, that was probably the hardest part.  Finding the right home.  I watched TV  shows like (House Hunters and Holmes Makes It Right).  I educated myself and knew questions to ask my NACA Realtor who knew the NACA process.  I used all of NACA  providers, I just felt personally that the process would go smoother and it did.
It took me 6 months to find the right home, in the right area, and the right price.  I would do it all over again.  I’m thankful, I own my home!