Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Aurora, CO
Lender: Bank of America
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The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America played an integral role in us being able to afford a home. Both my wife Adrian and I grew up in Aurora, attended in-state Universities, and had moved around several neighborhoods in Denver before deciding we had reached the right “adult” time in our lives to begin settling down. By this time, the housing market in the Denver metro area had started to explode. Houses were now twice what they went for when we were children, and although interest rates were much more stable, rent prices were skyrocketing. Looking for a home that would give us an affordable monthly payment was not difficult, but without the ability to put down 3-10% down, we would have been forced to rent for years until we saved enough. NACA and its officers shared a dream of building communities, and instead of focusing on whether we had the sufficient funds to buy the house, qualified us by looking at whether we had: 1) the means to sustain living in and maintaining a home and 2) the desire to stay in a neighborhood and build our lives in the community. The underwriting process is very detailed, but NACA is truly interested in making a happy home, not just selling a house. After a lot of work – on their end and on ours – we own a home within a few miles of the communities we grew up in. Now that the housing market has really taken off in Denver and the rent prices are eclipsing the monthly mortgage prices, all our friends are trying to buy – and we tell them all to use NACA!