Term: 30 Yr Fixed
New river, AZ
Lender: Bank of America
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I’m an accountant by profession, and I utilize many of the same professional skills in my personal life.
Careful thought and analysis is used in any financial decision our family makes. Buying a home was no
different. In fact, we had to be smarter about it because it’s such a large purchase and commitment for
30 years. My husband and I heard about the NACA program from a friend, and we were excited about
the opportunity to obtain a mortgage with zero percent down and a great interest rate. It was a relief to
hear we wouldn’t have to spend extra money on PMI nor would we have to wait several years trying to
save a large down payment ‐ we could actually afford and buy a home for our expanding family now.
From the initial homebuyers’ workshop to close of escrow, the process took us about a year. It may
have gone quicker except that we decided on a new construction home and the lead time was 6 months.
During that time, we volunteered and stayed in line with our budget, as well as saved the necessary
payment shock. When our home was finally complete, both our MC (Alfred Turner) and our realtor
worked hard with the lender and the title company to get all the closing paperwork finalized in a timely
manner. We closed within 3 days of our contracted close date. It took patience and persistence from all
of us, but it was so, so worth it. We have an affordable mortgage on a home we love and our family
enjoys. We are grateful that this program worked for us. Thank you, NACA!