Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Fort mill, SC
Lender: Citimortgage
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I closed on my Town home May 2016. It was a long process lasting a year due to no credit and an old foreclosure. We had to go with alternate credit such as utilities, car insurance, cell phone etc. I was late one time on my electric bill so I had to wait a full year watching my bank account, making sure everything was paid on time.
Finally it was time to start working on my loan application with my counselor. I cannot say enough about Mr. Carrol Clarke in the Charlotte NC office. Many of time he would tell me on the phone something was needed for my application to come in. He knew my hours were 8 to 5 pm and his words would be I WILL WAIT for you to get here just get here when you can. It is a long drawn out process but I never could have done it without NACA. It taught me patience and also showed me I could do anything as long as I kept pushing through. It also taught me to think before I spend and always to put money in savings. I am the landlord now so I do repairs if something breaks. I also have a credit card that I have not been able to get for years. I use it sparingly never have I maxed it out.
My Thanks to all of the NACA staff so being so kind and especially to Mr. Carrol Clarke my NACA counselor and to Antonette Thompson my NACA realtor.