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We are very happy with the whole NACA process. The staff is professional and friendly (and extremely busy because of the quality of the program!) I received my intake counseling against some cancellation within 1.5 months of the workshop (and I was out of town for 2 weeks during that time), qualified in <3 weeks, and closing process took <6 weeks! The mortgage rate of 0.0625% is possible ONLY with NACA and I feel so privileged to be saving significant amount of my mortgage that is now channeled towards principal rather than “throwing away” in interest! With all the constraints that limitations that NACA imposes to ensure that such an awesome mortgage is offered to buy a “home” and not an investment property, it worked out perfectly for me, at the right time of my life. I look forward to enjoying this home during my stay in Charleston – a home that would have been impossible for me to buy without NACA – MANY THANKS AND DEEPLY APPRECIATE THE WORK YOU DO, IT SURELY FEELS PERSONAL! Kudos!