Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Little rock, AR
Lender: Bank of America
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My name is Victoria and I am 28 years old. Last year I decided to buy myself a condo when I came across NACA. I had been reading up on a few programs Arkansas offered to help first time home buyer. I attended a seminar where I was impressed by the history of NACA and with the presenters, Chris and Deon. I also heard two testimonials which help me decide to start the program. Chris advised me that it was a process but I found that by having all my paperwork in order I was approved. I was very happy that Chris took his time with me and helped me get approved faster than most. The next step was working with Deon. I found the perfect condo. Deon helped me with all the paperwork and staying in contact with the seller. In no time I was moving into my dream house. I have recommended the program to several co-workers who are looking to buy. It has been an amazing experience. I can’t recommend this program enough. It has made my dream of owning a condo come true. Thank you.