Billups -Single

Billups -Single

Mr. Marks, first and foremost I would like to thank you for your time and efforts spent to make NACA a reality.  It is without a doubt that had I not participated in the NACA program I would not be the proud homeowner that I am.  Thanks to NACA, I am living my dream. I have a beautiful condominium situated in excellent neighborhood with above average schools.

I’m going to speak briefly about the financial aspect of my home purchase, and only as a means to let others know to stick with the program–maybe your rate won’t mirror mine, but your effort, patience, and cooperation will be well worth it. I have a finance rate of 1.125 and closed with a little less than $700.00.  Yes, $700.00! Will your package look like this maybe, maybe not, quite possibly better, but this I know for sure it will be a lot less costly for you to go the NACA route.

Again, I would like to thank Mr. Marks and the NACA organization, I would also like to thank those who expedited the process, and those that exercised great patience while working with me during the home buying process, because at times, I became inpatient and wanted to move ahead of the process. To you all, I thank you and am forever grateful.

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