Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Denver, CO
Lender: Citimortgage
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We heard about NACA through a realtor that was recommended by our friend. We had tried unsuccessfully to get a loan from at least 4 different places and we were told by all of them that we could not qualify for a loan because we didn’t have a verifiable source of income, since both my wife and I are self employed. When we came to NACA, we were told that there was a good chance that we could qualify but it was very important that we get our paperwork in order, because our finances seemed to be in order but not organized. So we started a long process that for us seemed like an eternity but our persistence paid off in the end and after almost 2 years of paperwork, we were approved for a loan and 2 months later my wife and I moved into our home in the outskirts of the city of Denver. That was almost two years ago, September 2014, and my wife and I are so thankful that we found NACA to help us achieve our dream of owning our home that we have recommended the program to everyone that I know who is looking for a home or a refinance option.
Thank you NACA!