Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Phoenixville, PA
Lender: Bank of America
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  • Closed
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I heard about NACA from a family member and after some research, I decided to become a member. NACA’s mission spoke to me because we are victims of the 2008 housing crash.
At the time of the housing crash, I was married and blindly believed that it was OK to own multiple properties with no money down, 1st and 2nd mortgages, balloon payment financing and variable interest rates financing was the way to live the American Dream. When the housing market crashed, we were also one of those families forced to abandon our home and file for bankruptcy. It was a very dark period of my life.
Since that time, I’ve worked 2 jobs, rebuilt my credit, saved more and learned to live on a budget. But even with all these steps, I was still stuck in the renting cycle always at the mercy of a landlord and moving every couple of years. I lost hope of owning my own home until I heard about NACA.