Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Stockton, CA
Lender: Citimortgage
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I closed on my dream home on 11/30/15. NACA turned my dream into a reality. This was my second time around purchasing a home as I went through a divorce and lost my first home through bankruptcy. I was determined that one day I would be a homeowner again. I attended my first NACA meeting, then met with my counselor and we started the process and well here we are today. I cannot say my experience was the easiest nor was it the best but what I can say that the end result was totally worth it. I love the fact that NACA will put you in a home that is affordable one that you will not have buyer’s remorse from because the mortgage is so high that you cannot afford to live. I can proudly say that NACA has the best home buying product, on the market. I tried switching over to buy my home the conventional way and they wanted me to pay a huge down payment. NACA did not require a down payment. My mortgage would have been four hundred dollars more than it currently is and my interest rate would have been higher. I recommend NACA to everyone I meet and have sent so many people to them. Thanks NACA for making my dream a reality.