Term: 30 Yr Fixed
Hyde park, MA
Lender: Citimortgage
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I greatly APPRECIATED THIS FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS PROGRAM (known well in Massachusetts for being a good product)as well as the staff of NACA that instructed, guided and supported me; particularly my housing MC H. Porter & Cecilia in the office.  The process with NACA getting qualified took time, slow and steady, but the  house hunt was grueling due to the housing market and competition of each showing.  Yet I hung in there and I didn’t give up. Ok, maybe a few times I got tired of trying but I have my own home now because I didn’t give up on myself though I wanted to quit so many times). What I’ve learned is that the process at NACA is quick for some, slower for others.  It was very slow and arduous process for me.  I am grateful to have my own home now.  I worked hard for it, tireless hours with my MC, kept every appointment and brought every document requested of me.  I hung in there! I have nothing but but good things to say about NACA.  Thank you Bruce Marks for being the soldier creating this agency leading the fight again predatory lenders  and bringing NACA to the Future. Grateful- Brenda S.T.