We’ve heard loud and clear from our members that the time is now to fight back against the rise of student debt. Here’s our plan.

Student Debt Strike

  • Debtors Strike Back
    • There are over 40 million student debtors in the United States holding more than a trillion dollars in student debt. The vast majority of this debt is held by the Department of Education, an agency subject to will of the people. It’s time student debtors acted collectively to strike back against the unjust system.
    • For one month, debtors will publicly announce they will not pay their student debt. This will send a clear message to the Department of Education, to the media, and to Congress that the time is past due to make our higher education system just and fair for all Americans.
  • Our Demands
    • The federal government must stop profiting off of our education. Federal student loans currently net the government over $40 billion annually.
    • Bankruptcy laws must be amended to include student debt. Student loan debtors should not be forced to continue payments through bankruptcy. Judges should be given the flexibility to restructure unaffordable student loans.
    • Debt-free public higher education must be put in place to ensure that every willing student has access to a quality education.
    • There must be an elimination of debts for past and present students of predatory for-profit colleges. Such colleges have provided low quality education for excessively high cost and/or have misled students with false statistics and expectations.
    • Colleges must offer a high quality, low cost education to ensure that our investment in higher education is not abused.

Sign Your Name

Educate and Organize

  • It’s going to take a mass movement if we’re going to change how we fund education in this country. Contact NACA today to see how you can get involved in your community to join this fight.